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Welcome to The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership. 
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Who is the healthy skin kitchen membership for?

The Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership is for people with Skin Rashes, plus anyone who wants to support a child or family member who struggles with these issues. 


When you join, you pay a small monthly fee to gain access to all of nutritionist Karen Fischer's tried-and-tested, science-based dietary programs, with bonus videos, forum discussions and podcasts to help you successfully follow these programs, and stay on track, every step of the way.


Plus you'll gain access to shopping lists, menus, information for itchy bubs, Karen's FREE e-book (find out how to get the whole family loving veggies) and you'll have new recipes each week, and much more. 

We are offering a special pre-launch price for a limited time, so if you sign up to the Healthy Skin Kitchen Membership today, you will never pay full price.

Your choice of programs

If you are unsure if you have food intolerances, the Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID) Program can give you clear answers and support.

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Join our support group 

The Healthy Skin Kitchen Advanced Membership includes diet-related information, and non-diet programs, plus Shopping Guides with brands, Menus, Podcasts, a Support Group forum where you can chat with us and ask questions, Food Finder and more.

Imagine going to school, work or on holiday and feeling good about your skin.

Right now you might hide your skin rash by wearing long sleeves (even in summer!) and avoid or limit socialising, because you are tired of hearing “Are you sunburnt?” or “What happened to your skin?” ... You feel like it’s ALL people see when they look at you (or your child)—The Rash. It hurts your feelings, right?


We understand because we have lived it too.

We give you the tools you need to manage your skin rash and identify food intolerances and other possible triggers so you can take control of your skin, instead of it controlling your life. 

Imagine having a good night’s sleep without itching or flaking all over the bed.

If you travel or stay overnight at a friend’s house, do you take your own sheets with you because you don’t want your skin to flake or bleed on other people’s sheets? It’s embarrassing, right?


There are thousands of people, just like you, who have followed our programs and are now enjoying an itch-free, flake-free sleep, they are sleeping more soundly and they don't need to pack their bulky sheets when they travel. 


We have Scratch Solutions and ways to manage and prevent flare ups. And our programs include lots of effective Sleep Solutions to help you sleep better, so you can experience the joy of a good night's sleep.  It will give you the confidence you need to enjoy overnight stays. 

Imagine going for a swim or having a shower without your skin stinging or burning like crazy.

Do you avoid swimming at the beach or pool because it irritates your skin? And is taking a bath or shower a stressful event because it just hurts so much? No one understands how much it burns and stings, am I right?


Listen to our 'Stingless' Series of Podcasts, dedicated to helping you get back in the water, sting-free, so you can enjoy bathing, instead of worrying about your skin. 


It’s something others take for granted, but we get it.

Imagine hanging out with people who understand what you are going through.

Are you tired of being told to simply "Stop Scratching" and other advice such as "You must learn to live with it" or "There is no cure" and "Hopefully you (or your child) will grow out of it" or "You have to avoid this or that food forever" ...  While this advice is well meaning, it's disheartening, right? 


We have a caring community that knows what it’s like to suffer with crazy, itchy skin rashes and Food Chemical Intolerance.  Our online Membership is a positive space where you can connect with others, like you, and receive the community support and dietary information and tips you need to THRIVE during this difficult time. 

Find your tribe here!
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James (United Kingdom)

I have suffered from eczema ever  since I was a baby. I have tried every lotion and potion and diet out there and nothing has really got to the heart of it until I stumbled upon you. I really love the overall ethos, the clarity and frankly the honesty around it ... and it has been a really big uplift for me... The sense of community and positivity around it. I love the recipes. I really appreciate the help and support and it's been hugely beneficial for me. 

Anna H_edited.jpg

Anna (United States)

I did the FID Program strictly for 3 months ... I actually learned some amazing recipes from doing FID and still cook them!  Doing FID was the best thing I did for my skin and my body. It’s been 10 months on your program and the eczema that has been on my face for almost 12 years is GONE. I haven’t gotten a flare-up in months. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! My face actually looks normal again.

See all of our testimonials here

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Joseph (Australia)

After 5 months on the FID Program I can now finally understand what was causing my skin issues and how to fix it. My eczema is basically gone ... I have expanded my diet and added a lot more foods now compared to when I first started the diet, and although I am still testing certain foods to see how my skin reacts, I am able to have a cheat meal once a week with no reaction from my skin! 

Results may vary. We do not guarantee you will have the same self-motivation, determination or results as other members. 

  • "Is your diet approach backed by science?"
    YES, absolutely. The Eczema Diet programs are based on Food Intolerance research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals over the past 50+ years. For the references please refer to each page where you find the information as we list all references below each podcast and blog. ​ Our diet approach is not based on fads, it is science based and thousands of people, just like you, have followed our programs.
  • "I'm vegan, and I want to stay being vegan, so can I do your program?"
    YES. In the past, I have been vegan too so I understand this diet well. While The Eczema Diet is not a vegan diet, it does include vegan menus that you can follow and there are plenty of delicious vegan recipes that everyone can enjoy, not just vegans and vegetarians.
  • "Is your Membership for everyone or are there exceptions that I should know about before signing up?"
    The Eczema Diet Membership is a wonderful resource for people with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, hives and rosacea, and, like always, you should check with your doctor before changing your diet. This membership is not designed for people with a life-threatening health condition, such as cancer, severe depression, some types of mental issues, anorexia, and so on. We feel it is more important for you to get specialised, in person, help along with a personalised health/medical program that is designed for your specific circumstances. Our programs are for healthy people. If you are unsure whether this Membership is right for you, please contact us via email or the chat box, below, and let us know your health problem before you sign up.
  • "I already have your books and I follow The Eczema Detox, so do I still need this Membership?"
    Yes! That's great you have the books. Readers of my books, just like you, are the inspiration for creating this Membership because over the years they have asked us to create a private forum where they can share tips and get support, without being hassled by spammers. Our readers say they want to feel like they are not alone in this journey and The Eczema Diet Membership provides support and a community to share recipes and tips. Feel free to begin on the FREE Membership so you can enjoy hundreds of new recipes.
  • "Do you offer a free trial?"
    We do not offer a free trial but you can view inside the membership via the Member’s Lounge tab here.
  • "Can I unsubscribe at any time?"
    Yes you can unsubscribe at any time.
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Our programs have appeared on prime-time news
What would you expect to pay for 5 online courses?

Most online courses are untested and you are the test subjects. We have 5 tried and tested online courses within our membership. They have been used by Karen's patients for the past 15 years and they have been refined, tweaked and updated, and now they are exceptional. And we KNOW they work!

Children's Clear Skin Program

Online course valued at $199

Clear Skin

Detox Program

Online course valued at $199

Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID)

Online course valued at $199

Feeding Fussy Families

Online course valued at $199

Total value: $796.00

  • Nourish Membership

    Every month
    Price in AU Dollars, billed monthly, bonus 7 days free trial
     7 day free trial
    • All-Access to hundreds of nourishing skin-friendly recipes
    • Chat on our Eczema Diet Support Group forum
    • Informative Eczema Diet Podcasts
    • Access to Food Finder and Recipe Finder
    • No lock in contracts, pay monthly, billed after free trial
    • 7 Days Free Trial, cancel anytime
  • Eczema Diet Advanced

    Price in AU dollars. Use code WELCOME30 for 30% discount
    • Step-by-step instructions to create healthy looking skin
    • Chat on our Eczema Diet Support Group forum
    • Chat with trained nutritionists and author Karen Fischer
    • Shopping Guides with brand names for USA, AU, UK, Canada, NZ
    • 3 x Online Courses, including FID and The Eczema Diet
    • Hundreds of new Recipes, handy Menus and weekly Podcasts
    • Access to Food Finder
    • No extra costs, everything is included!
    • Pay only once, so it's ideal for a gift