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Welcome to The Eczema Diet Support Membership.   

Hi, I'm Karen Fischer, nutritionist and author of The Eczema Diet, The Eczema Detox and The Healthy Skin Kitchen.


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James (United Kingdom)

I have suffered from eczema ever  since I was a baby. I have tried every lotion and potion and diet out there and nothing has really got to the heart of it until I stumbled upon you. I really love the overall ethos, the clarity and frankly the honesty around it ... and it has been a really big uplift for me... The sense of community and positivity around it. I love the recipes. I really appreciate the help and support and it's been hugely beneficial for me. 

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Anna (United States)

I did the FID Program strictly for 3 months ... I actually learned some amazing recipes from doing FID and still cook them!  Doing FID was the best thing I did for my skin and my body. It’s been 10 months on your program and the eczema that has been on my face for almost 12 years is GONE. I haven’t gotten a flare-up in months. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! My face actually looks normal again.

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Joseph (Australia)

After 5 months on the FID Program I can now finally understand what was causing my skin issues and how to fix it. My eczema is basically gone ... I have expanded my diet and added a lot more foods now compared to when I first started the diet, and although I am still testing certain foods to see how my skin reacts, I am able to have a cheat meal once a week with no reaction from my skin! 

Results may vary. We do not guarantee you will have the same self-motivation, determination or results as other members. 

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