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Veggie Pie with Chickpea Crust



Wonder Zinc Giveaway




Protein Smoothie with Psyllium

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Eczema Diet 6 Worst Supplements for Eczema
Itchy six

Have you noticed that dietary supplements are being touted as the latest hack for eczema? However, there's a lot of false hype and misinformation online and I am dismayed at the lack of knowledge on this important topic.

Learn the truth in our report here. 

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Wonder Zinc

Wonder Zinc is the fastest way to get on top of those nasty flare ups if that hot cross bun was too good to resist!

Find out more here. 

FID Buckwheat Pancakes

Most people are too flat out to make a fun breakfast in the morning. But these pancakes are easy and fun to make with the whole family.

Get the recipe here. 

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The Eczema Diet online course 

If you have signed up to our Eczema Diet Advanced Membership, check out the Eczema Diet Online Course.

In this new and improved program, based on The Eczema Diet and The Eczema Detox, you'll learn step by step what to eat for skin health.

Click here to get started.

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We currently have new shopping guides for the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. For all other countries, download the OTHER COUNTRIES shopping guide. 

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Karen, nutritionist and author

Karen Fischer has a Bachelor of Health Science Degree from the University of New England in Armidale and she has been a qualified nutritionist for 20 years, currently registered with IICT. She previously ran the Eczema Life Clinic in Sydney and is the author of 7 health books.  Karen shares her family favourite Eczema Diet recipes, her latest tips via podcasts and answers your burning questions each week. Karen also shoots most of  the photos for our website. And Karen's daughter Ayva draws the graphics. 

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Bonnie, nutritionist

Bonnie grew up suffering from eczema and in her teen years she found success on Karen's eczema diet program which inspired her to complete a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutrition and Health Promotion and she is registered with NSA. Bonnie manages the Eczema Diet Support Membership. 



Katie specialises in gut health and she creates many of the recipes. published on this site. Katie has worked with Karen Fischer for many years and she helps people to successfully follow the various Eczema Diet programs including the FID Program. Katie is a registered nutritionist with ATMS.  

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