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Terms and Conditions / Member Agreement
(Code of Conduct)

A.       The following terms and conditions relate to use of the Eczema Diet (“site”) and Membership                                   (“membership”) and any information and resources displayed or provided including, but not limited to, downloadable                     material, recipes, Recipe Finder, Food Finder, workshops, online courses, FAQs and information given on the forum pages             (“resources”). 

B.       The words “we”, “us”, “our” and related parts of speech refer to the owner of this site, Eczema Diet, Karen                          Fischer and their authorised representatives. The words “you”, “your” and related parts of speech refer to any user of                    this site and the resources.



1.      Use of The Eczema Diet Website 

1.1       If you are not a member, by using this site you agree to be bound by the following general terms and conditions                             (“general conditions”), which may change from time to time. You agree to check these general conditions whenever you               use the site.

2.     General Conditions


2.1      Users of the information and resources available on the site must be at least 16 years old or have parental guidance and                 supervision. 

         2.2 You agree and acknowledge that:

            (a) Use of this site is for personal and private purposes only.

            (b) When you use the site all of the content, software, materials and documents on it and logos, illustrations and trade                        marks (“content”) are our property or subject to third-party licences and governed by the laws relating to intellectual                      property. You agree not to use or deal with any content in any manner other than strictly for the purpose of personally                    using the site and the resources or as authorised in writing by us and you will not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish                    or use any part of the content without our authority or as permitted at law.

           (c) We do not warrant that the site and resources will always be fully functional or available or that they will be                                      uninterrupted, error-free and free of all forms of viruses and any other form of malicious software, including spyware                      and ransomware, designed to obtain access to and damage your computer system and we accept no liability for any                      direct or indirect damage which might arise from such causes. 

          (d) We do not warrant that we or our staff, nutritionists, contributors or other members can cure your skin problem, or any                   disease or disorder, and we do not guarantee you will gain the same results as any other person. 

          (e) Neither we nor our staff, nutritionists, contributors or other members are medical doctors and are not offering you                           medical advice. We do not know your personal health history and the information on this site does not replace medical                 advice from your doctor. 

          (f) You understand that you can continue to take prescribed medications and we do not and will not ever recommend you                  stop or avoid any medications or medical treatments. 

          (g) If we provide links to external websites or other internet resources, you acknowledge that we give no warranty and                        accept no liability as to the content of any linked site or resource and the link is provided for your information only if                        you choose to open it and then at your own risk.

         (h) Subject to any legal provisions to the contrary, we do not give any warranties or guarantees in relation to the contents                    of the site or the resources and we disclaim liability for any claims, losses, damages (of any nature) and costs you or any                other person claim to have incurred through the use of the site, the resources or in any other manner related to them                    including any action, decision or inaction of any nature.

         (i) You acknowledge and agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy as displayed separately on the site.

3.      Membership Conditions

 3.1     In consideration of you being granted the benefits membership, you agree with us as follows:

         (a) As a member, you agree to be bound by the general conditions and these membership conditions. You will be notified                 of any changes to the general conditions and membership conditions and if you do not agree to the changes, then                         membership of the Eczema Diet program can be discontinued if you give notice to us within 7 days. If you do not               give notice, you will be bound by the changes. 

         (b) When using this site and the resources, you agree to be respectful towards other members and our staff. We will not                     tolerate judgemental, rude, abusive, discriminatory, threatening, unlawful or defamatory behaviour or ongoing overly                     negative comments. Such behaviour, with or without an initial warning from our staff, can result in your membership                       being immediately terminated. 

        (c) This site and the resources are for personal and private use only and you must refrain from directly or indirectly using                     this site and the resources for commercial gain including promoting your own products, services or programs or those                   of other practitioners and other websites. You understand that doing so may confuse other members and the public,                     and it could lead to the immediate termination of your membership or block access. 

        (d)  By becoming a member, you agree that you have signed up to learn something new, rather than teach, promote or                        confuse people with nonrelated information. If you disagree with something, we encourage you to ask questions and                    seek further explanation from our staff members.

       (e)  The Eczema Diet Membership is a support network that offers a supportive community and general information.               You agree your commitment to achieving your desired outcome is entirely dependent on you, your specific goals and                   your ability to implement the actions required in your daily life. 

       (f)   Any documents available for download or review on the site are intended for members only and these documents must                not be shared or copied for public or private distribution (except between members). 

      (g)   Unless we indicate to the contrary, copywriting, distributing, sharing or reselling of any of the material available to you on               the site or in related resources are prohibited, including but not limited to the photographs, logos, material, nutritional                     advice, videos, design, books, programs, online courses, Food Finder, and domain name.

      (h)   You are responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of your login and activity on the site and as a member,               which includes any communications, photos, and personal information provided. Only one person (you) can login to                       your account and you are not to share your login details with anyone. Any unauthorised login or activity made under                       your login should be reported to admin immediately.  

      (i)  Confidentiality of content

           You agree that the member content, including but not limited to, recipes, blogs, programs and any information are not to               be shared on social media or copied or passed off as your own content anywhere outside of this site, and that doing so                 will lead to the termination of your membership and possibly legal action. 


     (j)  Refund policy

          We do not offer refunds for monthly memberships. Yearly memberships, where a full year is paid up front, may be eligible              for a partial refund of the unused portion. This refund is calculated by using the standard monthly membership rate (for                  example, USD $12.99 per month for the Basic Membership. If you do not live in a country that has USD, the conversion         rate may differ from the day your payment was charged so your refund amount may differ due to the current exchange rate. If you are unhappy at any time please immediately let our staff know via so we can improve your member experience because your happiness is important to us. 

     (k)  Cancellation policy

             (i)  You acknowledge that the monthly subscription is an ongoing payment and payments will be made automatically on a                    monthly basis unless it is specified you wish to cancel your membership. On cancellation of your membership,                                payments already received will not be refunded. No cancellation fees are charged.  

            (ii)   If at any time you are not happy with your membership, you can easily unsubscribe with a few simple clicks (go                               to your personal Member Page), and you will not be charged any future payments.


Your use of the site and the resources and the terms of these General Conditions and Membership Conditions are                         governed by the laws of the State of Queensland, Australia, and are primarily intended for people subject to Australian                   law.  Queensland and Australian Courts have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any such matter.

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