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**This is a hardcopy book that requires posting**


Eat your way to healthy skin with The Eczema Diet.


Whether you have a mild patch of dermatitis or you're enduring chronic eczema from head to toe, 'The Eczema Diet' shows you how to create healthy looking skin.


Tried and tested on eczema patients for more than a decade, the comprehensive program covers all eczema conditions and features separate programs catering for all age groups, including babies. 

The recipes form part of the book’s three tailored programs, suitable for everyone from babies to the elderly, helping a range of skin problems including: 


Eczema (all types)


Dermatitis (all types)






Hives (urticaria)


Red skin syndrome (going through topical steroid withdrawal)


Hidradenitis suppurativa 


Seborrheic dermatitis 


Rosacea, and more.

The Eczema Diet Book

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  • ​"I am so thankful for your diet that I wanted to write and tell you how much it has helped us.

    My fourteen-year-old's eczema has cleared up completely and he can now eat a normal diet. I used to worry that my daughter would not be able to get married and have children, which was what she wanted to do, because her hands were so, so sore.

    She could barely look after herself—she wouldn't have been able to look after a home or a baby. But during the year we were on the Eczema Diet, she met the man she would marry.

    By their wedding day she was completely cured with beautiful skin, and now they are joyfully expecting their first child. BEAT THAT FOR A HAPPY ENDING!"  Tani (New Zealand)


    "This book is a life saver for my girl who is experiencing TSW. Using diet to control the flare ups is still the most effective way." Toh (review posted on


    "A very healing diet, from the inside out. Had no idea that aspirin could be very irritating to eczema, so that fact in and of itself has been most helpful! I would highly recommend this title to those suffering from eczema and seeking a holistic solution. Very thankful indeed." Lisa (review posted on 


    "It works! I have finally, finally found relief for my chronic, eczema. I highly recommend this book and nutritional plan." Lynn (



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